Call for Abstracts

In these uncertain times, 10th Rural Health Forum has been postponed from September 2020 to September 2021.
More information will be provided soon.

Call for Abstracts for the 10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum

The Scientific Committee welcomes you to this 10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum which will take place on 2020 September 17-19 in Siedlce in Poland. The 10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum will be hosted by the Polish Association EURIPA Polska. The theme of our conference is “Understanding our patients – working closely together”.

Either you are practicing in a rural area for just a short period of time or you have taken this as a life-long commitment do add to the Scientific content of our forum.

Even if you are a full time practising physicians and not familiar with the methodology of research, your contribution is highly welcome. You will receive help and feedback from the discussion of your presentation, so don’t be ashamed and send your abstract.

Scientific Committee

Deadline for the abstract submission is June 15th , 2020

Guidelines for Abstract Submission of Oral Communications and Posters

Max. 300 words (provide a word count)

Please use the following headings :

1-Title (less than 10 words)

2-Keywords (less than 4)

3-Introduction or background (what is already known in the literature, what is still unexplored and what new knowledge will be provided by your study)

4-Rationale, Purpose of the study and research question  (the primary purpose of your study)

5-Subjects and Method (the study design, the setting, the participant(s), the intervention)

6-Results (primary outcome of your study, or expected if the study is still in progress) 

8-Discussion (limits, strengths and weaknesses) &- Conclusion  (Describe the potential impact and usefulness of your study in a Rural Setting.)


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